NFT Ticket Solutions

Rally your visitors or community and deliver unique and memorable experiences and events with our state-of-the-art ticketing solutions used worldwide.

Tested innovation without any headaches

einvent your business model and benefit your community, your brand, your venues, your artists, partners and your sponsors. We provide you with the right infrastructure, tools and support to issue NFTs as tickets to access any venue.

Any business or private property

VIP areas

Concerts or conferences

Any other industry, including yours

Key Advantages

All the ticketing features that you already know and expect whilst exploring multiple new revenue streams and user experience offerings.

Top profitability

Put an end to frauds and disgraceful secondary market practices; receive income from ticket sellers and new buyers. Collect your ticket revenue immediately by plugging in your own Stripe key.

Quick and easy integration

Easily enter the NFT industry with your existing business. All the benefits of blockchain tickets with no impact on your current system.

Unrivalled marketing capabilities

Collectable and verifiable data on ticket ownership history, direct mobile communications, real-time amendments and on-demand shopping.

An unlimited canvas for your brand's narrative

Each NFT Ticket becomes a post-event collectible that can be fully customizable by artists, sponsors and partners.

You can encourage the collection of your merchandise by easily setting up updates to their artwork upon given conditions, dates, or live.

A novel way of fostering your brandchoose us?

Besides becoming true collectibles, your tickets become powerful community building tools. Incentivise your attendees to claim their NFT through extra benefits without excluding any attendees that just want to attend your event:

Exclusive Merchandise

Exclusive Content

Voting Rights

Metaverse Access

We offer post-launch support

Tested to the limit: A success at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam.

Tested over and over since 2016

Exclusive Merchandise

Satisfied artists & organizers

Issued tickets

NFT Tickets in 2022

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