Maximize your sales campaigns

We create engagement bonds with your customers by letting you discover and scale personalized promotions for each one of them.

It all starts with your data.

Sales incentives are key infrastructure for brands

Your customers expect to be treated as individuals and assume you have the data to provide them with customized communications and rewards.

Our all-in-one software solutions let you easily integrate with any third party software or data input to include as attributes in your sales promotions.

Let us show you how it works

Our promotions-as-a-service solution will integrate and gather every and all of your data inputs

And will deliver individual and seamless promotions and experiences to each of your customers

What happens next?

Your community:

Your customers will just have to sign up to your campaigns to start getting personalized offers

Their rewards:

They will check their balances and redeem their rewards whether online or in person


From your admin console, you will easily manage and track your rewards campaigns

(One account lets you discover every sales incentive possible)


Generate, customize, edit & track coupons in thousands of ways


Dynamic discounts that react to user data


Target product & service bundles without redundant code


Use geolocation as a personalization factor


Custom loyalty profile features

gift cards

Refunds, chances for giveaways and convertible points

Digital Wallets

Let customers store points and any type of data


A range of effective ways to incentivize referrals

What do you get by rewarding your customers?


Increase your revenue

By attracting and retaining customers while maximizing their spending.


Save time and Effort

Run simple-to-build, scalable, data-driven campaigns while you focus on your core product.


Future-proof your campaigns

Any successful brand that comes to your mind is using some form of loyalty program for sales campaigns personalization.

The future of loyalty is data-driven.

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